In the Zarkada lab we try to understand how endothelial cells grow and form functional vessel networks. We use a combination of complex genetic mouse models, single-cell transcriptomics, biochemical and molecular approaches, and state of the art imaging techniques. By discovering novel mechanisms driving endothelial cell behavior, we aim to develop new therapeutic opportunities to treat cardiovascular diseases.

  • Blood vessels in a P5 mouse retina

Lab news

Aug 2023 Check out our new paper with Editorial in Circulation Research! We show that chylomicrons regulate their own absorption by triggering the formation of “button”-like junctions in the intestinal villus, via activation of ROCK signaling and cytoskeletal remodeling. 

May 2023 We are hiring! A full-time Research Technician position is available in the lab. More information can be found here (position #HR23-48).

Jan 2023 Our lab has launched! Since January 2023, we are part of the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology, at UConn Storrs.